Pantone Colour of the Year - But Can I Wear It?

Living Coral is next years Pantone Colour of the Year. Even the name seems lofty and un-relatable but I guess with millions of hues on the colour wheel -  it needs to be distinguishable and attention worthy. Who gives these colours their noble titles anyway? What influences their choice? Perhaps this new shade draws upon the 80’s pop band Living Colour that fused so many styles  and influences in their music. Or perhaps they want to make reference to the coral reefs and raise attention to their worldwide devastation due to global warming. Who knows?

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Alexandra Agboke
Colour - The Smart Woman's Best Beauty Product

Colour is the smart womans new beauty product!

Why would we say that?

Not even weekly facial peels are going to help you if your hair colour is too golden/dark/warm/cool for your complexion. The wrong choice of hair colour, eyeshadow, and blazer colour is often to blame for making one look too pale, tired, older, or even scary. 


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